Typography styles are a great way to customize the appearance of content elements such as Font Awesome icons, menus, images, buttons, Bootstrap elements, all with different color styles.

Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome is the iconic font designed for use with the Bootstrap framework that comes packed by default with Joomla!3. To insert the icons inside the text of the articles or modules of any of the FavThemes templates, just type the following code in your text editor. Make sure the code is added in the HTML mode and with the EDITOR NONE setting in Global Configuration.

<i class="fa fa-name"></i>

How to add the icons to the title of the module

Choose any icon from Font Awesome and insert the name of the icon in the HEADER CLASS field in the Advanced tab of the module. If you do not want to use any icon for the title of the module, then simply leave the Header Class field blank.


FavThemes tutorial for the module title icons