Use the navigation styles to customize the way you navigate the content and style the main menu with icons or create horizontal and vertical menus with preset design elements.

Horizontal Menu Styles

To create a secondary horizontal menu, choose any module position and add the Menu Class Suffix inside the settings of the module. Use this menu type only for a secondary menu, not for the main navigation of the template, reserved for the nav module position.

Horizontal Menu

Horizontal Menu Clear

Horizontal Menu Dark

Horizontal Menu Light

Horizontal Menu Color

How to use the horizontal menu styles

To use the horizontal menu styles, simply copy the name of the style inside the Menu Class Suffix field inside the Advanced Options of the menu module:

FavThemes tutorial for the horizontal menus

For the CLEAR, DARK and COLOR horizontal menu styles, add also menu-clear, menu-dark, menu-light or menu-color:

FavThemes tutorial for the horizontal menus color

For a horizontal menu that is aligned to the right, add Bootstrap's pull-right class to horizontal:

FavThemes tutorial for the horizontal menu right